Friday, August 3, 2012

How to eat a Tiara - Pink Ruffle Princess Cake with Edible Gold Tiara

Photograph by Alyce Holzberger

This is the cake from Lilli's 8th birthday party. Y'all will have to wait till Sunday for the rest of the party photo's but I couldn't help but share this with you today.

OK can y'all guess the party theme.

Photo by Terri Vandermeer

Lilli helped to design the cake which was great fun. The top cake is 4 layers of white graduating to dark pink/ burgundy and is raspberry flavored.

Yes please I will have some cake - Photo Alyce Holzberger

The rasberry flavored cake is modified from the strawberry cake recipe in my book Sweets on a Stick.

The tiara is edible fondant with edible jelly jewels held in place with a little royal icing.

Photo by Terri Vandermeer

Yup that's right the jewels are not those hard diamonds that cloud over as soon as you touch and break your teeth.them but flexible edible jelly that you can pop on cookies and for cake decoration......y'know for example tiaras.

Photo by Alyce Holzberger

I used patchwork cutters for the tiara template hand cut it out then applied 2 layers of gold americolor airbrush and 2 layers of gold home made paint which was a mixture of the americolor sheen, gold luster dust and rose spirits.

you can find them on Amazon here:

For a tutorial on  how to make a ruffle cake see my Rainbow ruffle cake HERE for a tutorial on applying ruffles.

Oh and how cute are the cake boxes I picked up at and decorated with party dots from Polkadot Prints.

Cake boxes Robort Gordon Party Dot Polkadot Prints
Photography by Alyce Holzberger

Cake Photo and prop credits

Cake made and designed by Bubble and Sweet

Edible Jelly Jewels by Culpitt purchased from Ebay seller Party Animal
Tutorial on how to make a ruffled cake here
Photography by Alyce Holzberger Photography and Collette - Alyce did this
Party Dot Printables Polkadot Prints
Cake Boxes Robert Gordon from 
Cake Stand Clara French
Cake Recipe Sweets on a Stick

Available online here at Amazon

Or here at fishpond (Aus/NZ)

Sweets on a Stick: More Than 150 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Cakes, Candies, Cookies, and Pies on the Go!

Special Thanks to Caketopia for lending me your airbrush machine and Terri Vandermeer for styling assistance and photographs not tagged otherwise.

Photo by Alyce Holzberger


  1. omg!! So delicious and beautiful!!

  2. Gorgeous! The tiara is fabuloua.

    1. Well I did consider making candy ones like you do, but in the end this seemed easier. I could totally see you using these jelly jewels they suit your fab style.

  3. What a beautiful cake! Would love to create something like this for my daughter.

  4. The cake is absolutely gorgeous, definitely fit for your princess! I can't believe the crown is edible!?! Incredible perfection!

  5. Every time I stop by your blog something else blows me away. This is such a pretty cake! From these little peaks I cant wait to see the rest of the party!

  6. I love the crown Linda! You did a much better job than I did with my crown cupcakes. Your crown actually looks like it belongs on a princess! :D

  7. I am speechless. Fabulous cake and work!

  8. Your daughter is sure one lucky princess!
    The cake is gorgeous, and I peeked at the rest of the party - Fabulous!!!!!

  9. Hi Linda
    May I ask how did you achieve the burgundy colour ?

    1. Hi Valerie I use the Sugarflair Dusky Pink/wine to graduate the colour down. If the final layer is not dark enough I add a touch of black. Just a touch. Cheers Linda V

    2. Thanks Linda, so you used powder dust instead of gel colour? is that a safer and more natural option?

    3. Hiya the sugarflair dusky pink is actually a gel colour - just a confusing name :) Here is a link to a page which shows how the colours graduate - it's actually one of my favorite colours

    4. Thanks so much for your quick reply ! ^^

    5. Hi Linda, I was just wondering if you have measurements of the colours you used to get those colours? Love your cakes!!